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Kevin The Dodo

Kevin the Dodo Climate Change Card Games

Kevin the Dodo Climate Change Card Games

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Beatya: Can you play the highest card in each round? Can you work out what card your opponents are going to play? A simple psychological strategy game for 2-4 players, age 7+.

All Mine: Play your green cards to make other players pay you carbon credits. Try to win all the cards. Easy to learn, lots of fun for all ages. 2-6 players, age 7+.

Ecopic: Complete pictures of wind farms, electric cars, tree planting and solar power to collect more cards than your opponents. Where should you place your next card to make sure other players can’t win? A strategy game for 2-8 players, age 9+.


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About the Authors

The authors, Alan Dickson and Andy Statham are from the UK but are long-term residents of Hong Kong.
Both have many years of experience teaching in International Schools with the English Schools Foundation.