Kevin The Dodo
And Friends


Rumbling rhinos, what a rollicking good adventure - Ronnie the Rhino  


Kevin likes to help others but things don't always work out as he would want


Get to know Kevin's friends: Lucy Lemming, Ronnie Rhino and Professor Hooter

Kevin the Dodo - the Musical (preview)

A preview of one of the songs from the upcoming Kevin the Dodo musical.
Sung by the wonderful children of the Po Leung Kuk & Sprouts Foundation Education Services Centre at the Po Leung Kuk Dr. Jimmy Wong Chi Ho (Tin Sum Valley) Primary School, Hong Kong

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Kevin the Dodo

Lucy Lemming

Ronnie Rhino

Professor Hooter

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The Books

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The Dinosaurs are Late
The seas are rising, the world is in danger but where are the dinosaurs? Kevin goes off in search of the dinosaurs but can he save them?

The Wishing Machine
Professor Hooter asks Kevin to test his Wishing Machine but it never seems to get things right.

Activities Book
Lots of activities with Kevin from colouring to problem solving and games

Coming Soon
Can Kevin and his friends save the world from the Evil Dr Gula?

Books available in Hong Kong from:

Branches of Bookazine
Noah's Ark

or buy online in Hong Kong from

Tree Children's Lodge

or buy online worldwide from all major online bookstores

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About the Authors

The authors, Alan Dickson and Andy Statham are from the UK but are long-term residents of Hong Kong.
Both have many years of experience teaching in International Schools with the English Schools Foundation.

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Contact Kevin

Email Kevin [email protected]

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